Embeya's opening night menu

Thai Dang and Attila Gyulai

Thai Dang and Attila Gyulai

A couple weeks ago, we heralded the fact that modern Asian cuisine seems to finally be trending on a large scale. A big part of that thesis depended on Embeya, a collaboration between Attila Gyulai (a former bigwig at the Elysian and Four Seasons) and chef Thai Dang (a veteran of RIA and L2O). Well, Embeya will quietly open its doors today, and looking at its menu, it's clear that, yup, modern Asian cuisine: still trending. Dang's menu appears to include influences from Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam and France (or perhaps simply post-colonial Vietnam), and it reads contemporary and chef-y (see: stuffed squid with bone marrow and finger limes).

Embeya (which was designed by 555 International and features a riesling-focused wine list) is located at 564 W Randolph St (312-612-5640), an area of the West Loop that keeps getting more crowded (and we haven't seen the last of it yet: Grace is still on the way). The full food menu is after the jump.


Kona kanpachi, radish, citrus, soy salt   13

Mirugai, puffed rice, shiitake, lemon oil   15

Green papaya, culantro, crispy shallots, beef jerky   8

Summer roll, rice noodle, pork belly, Vietnamese herbs   9

Banana blossom, royal trumpet, red perilla, Thai chili   9

Cuttlefish, celery root, jicama, miso   10



Vegetable tempura, chicken liver, yuzu, sweet soy   11

Shrimp dumpling, toasted almonds, cilantro, lettuce   12

Mussels, coconut, lime leaf   16

Sea snails, pork, lemongrass, black garlic   16

Baby clams, rice cracker, Thai basil, peanuts   11


From the grill

Short rib, red romaine, pickled vegetable   9

Stuffed squid, bone marrow, ginger, finger lime   14

Thit heo kho, quail egg, coconut, roasted shallots   11

Scallop, shimeji, sake, soy   12


Large plates

Noodles, rock shrimp, peppers, Chinese celery   15

Ribs, tamarind, toasted garlic, hoisin   16

Garlic chicken, confit scallion   18

Salmon roulade, caramelized onions, tomato fondue, Vietnamese coriander leaf   24

Cote de boeuf, pomme frites, watercress, Soy-honey gastrique   36

Whole fish   34


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