Epic Sky

112 W Hubbard St (312-222-4940)

No one at Epic restaurant’s rooftop lounge seems to be worrying much about the drinks (strong, decent cocktails) or the view (a third-story close-up of nearby buildings). The point is you’re a few stories up, at a stark white bar or on a sleek white couch, and even the fact that you’re holding a plastic cup can’t stop you from feeling glamorous.

Height: 3rd floor
Drink of choice: The Kentucky Smash is a solid cocktail, but most of the crowd here sticks to some combination of vodka and ice
If you eat one thing: Go downstairs to the multistory restaurant; no food is served on the roof.
Wait for a table: on weekends, sometimes you can’t even get on the rooftop (there’s a 150 max capacity)
Crowd: River North after-work revelers and other young (and not so young) urban professionals

112 W Hubbard St (312-222-4940). El: Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Merchandise Mart, Red to Grand. Bus: 11, 22, 125, 156. 4–11pm, Starting May 8th Sundays 6-11pm. Open weather permitting. Average cocktail: $12.