Graham Elliot closing to reconcept, announces final menu

The chef's eponymous restaurant is closing at the end of the year to reconcept.

Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot Photograph: Martha Williams

Chef Graham Elliot announced last week that he's closing his eponymous restaurant (which just earned two Michelin stars) after New Year’s Eve to reconcept and open again next spring. He told Chicago Magazine that they took out seats and were doing "a fraction of the volume we used to." Elliot already has a space, name and concept for the new spot, which wll offer “creative, higher-end” food. He closed his sandwich shop, Grahamwich, in August.

There are about six weeks to try the final Graham Elliot tasting menu, which the chef revealed today on Twitter: there are 15 courses, arranged like a periodic table, half of which preview the new restaurant and half of which are plays on older dishes. There's truffle popcorn, sweetbreads with cranberry and chestnut, a foie gras lollipop and 12 other dishes, which are available starting tonight.

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