Great Lake is closed. But not for long.

Great Lake pizzeria

Great Lake pizzeria Photograph: Time Out

Lydia Esparza from Great Lake just called to make sure people know that Great Lake's Andersonville location is officially closed for good. As if I could forget. 

But Esparza wasn't calling to rub in the bad news. On the contrary, she had several encouraging points to make:

- The Great Lake team is planning another venture.

- That venture will be a restaurant not be a restaurant.

- That said, Esparza says, "I doubt we'll stop doing pizza."

- Esparza's best guess for when the new venture will open is spring 2013.

Exciting, right? But there was one last thing:

"We're so thankful," Esparza said, referring to all of her Andersonville (and otherwise) customers. "It's been great to have the support." For all those who want to continue supporting Great Lake—or just keep up with its next move—Esparza invites you to sign up for an e-mail list. Shoot a note to

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