Letherbee introduces Autumnal gin

Looking over everything we're excited about in this week's issue—ongoing Oktoberfest celebrations, the first-ever Chicago Craft Spirit Week, the wine-heavy Chicago Gourmet—it dawned on us: Is this the best drinking week over? More evidence that we might be on to something: On October 1, Letherbee—Chicago-proper's second craft distillery—will introduce the first in a series of limited-edition, seasonal releases: Letherbee Gin Autumnal Fall/Winter 2012. Per Miriam Matasar, who runs Letherbee with distiller Brenton Engel, "Letherbee Autumnal Gin maintains the high spice content of the original label Letherbee with additional overtones of clove, nutmeg and allspice." To those who say gin-and-tonic season is ending, Letherbee says all you have to do is "swap out your lime for an orange and enjoy the fall months with a Letherbee Autumnal gin and tonic."

Taste Letherbee Gin Autumnal at the Whistler as part of the Left Coast v. Third Coast Gin event on Tuesday, Oct 2 from 6–9; at Life's a Cabernet on Thursday, Oct 4 from 7–9pm; and at Lush Roscoe Village on Saturday, Oct 6 from 4–6:30pm.

Letherbee Autumnal will be available in limited quantities beginning Oct 1 at ProvenanceIn Fine SpiritsLush, and Life's a Cabernet and in special seasonal cocktails at Longman & EagleVincent and the Violet Hour

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