Letherbee releases new Autumnal Gin next week

Letherbee releases its new Autumnal Gin at the Whistler next week.

Letherbee releases its new Autumnal Gin at the Whistler next week.

We’re already gearing our livers up for next week’s insane double header of Craft Spirits Week and Chicago Gourmet, and we’ll be distilling the schedule down to the must-attend events later this week. In the meantime, here’s one to definitely get on your radar—Letherbee’s new Autumnal Gin release party at the Whistler on September 24, which just so happens to coincide with the Whistler’s five-year anniversary and the bar's week of celebrations. Seriously, stock up on coconut water now.

Letherbee’s first Autumnal release, last fall, featured “overtones of clove, nutmeg and allspice,” but this year things are a little different. “The main thing I was thinking of for this year was to incorporate smoke,” Letherbee’s Brenton Engel says. “Smoke will be a strong dominant flavor, which is interesting because no one has done much with smoke and gin.”

Besides smoke, the gin will feature mace, which he says is “almost like the fruit to the nutmeg seed; it’s what encapsulates the nutmeg.” To achieve the smoke flavor, they’re experimenting with a few ideas—using smoked black tea and smoking small batches of gin and then adding that to the whole batch.

Letherbee is making 120 cases of the gin, and 20 of those will be sent to New York. We spotted the Autumnal Gin in cocktails around the city last fall (and the Vernal Gin in the spring), so we’re looking forward to seeing what bartenders do with this batch.

The release party is at 6pm on Tuesday, September 24 at the Whistler (2421 N Milwaukee Ave).

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