Looking for a Violet Hour drink? Head to NoMI.

Pimm's Cup at NoMI Lounge

Pimm's Cup at NoMI Lounge Photograph: Martha Williams

In a matter of hours, the terrace at NoMI Kitchen will open for its annual garden party, a sort of coming-out summer soiree for ladies (and gents) who lunch. There will be floral frocks. There will be an oyster bar. There will be soft-serve. And at the bar, there will be a few familiar cocktails: The Blinker, the Part & Parcel, and others.

Why would these drinks ring a bell? Probably because you’ve had them before…at The Violet Hour.

NoMI’s spring drink menu dubs these and others “NoMI Signature Cocktails,” which is perfectly accurate: They were derived via a partnership with New York-based Alchemy Consulting, which drink nerds know to be the creators of the cocktail program at The Violet Hour.

But apparently "signature" doesn't necessarily mean "original." 

Alchemy declined to comment, but Park Hyatt’s director of food and beverage, Markus Puereschitz (under whom NoMI’s beverage program falls), says the partnership has been in place for a year or so.

“When we look at the beverage programming, we also look at, for instance, classic cocktails like The Blinker, like the Pimm’s Cup, and so on and so forth,” says Puereschitz. “They’re really taking off: They’re selling two to one. We like to sell what people enjoy.”

The Blinker (W.L. Weller bourbon, lemon, raspberry, grapefruit), is an early 20th century classic dating to Patrick Gavin Duffy’s 1934 bar bible, The Official Mixer’s Manual (the original recipe calls for rye whiskey and grenadine instead of raspberry, if you enjoy splitting hairs). As for the Part & Parcel (Tito's vodka, lime, grapefruit, St-Germain liqueur), it debuted at the Wicker Park speakeasy fairly early on via barman Troy Sidle, who has since joined the Alchemy team.

Both drinks—and all others on NoMI’s new menu—are $14. Which is a little more expensive than what they cost at the Violet Hour. But then again, the Violet Hour doesn't have a view.


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