Marigold closing Uptown shop, re-opening in Andersonville

Photograph: Jill Paider

Photograph: Jill Paider

Now what does this mean for Uptown? Marigold, the contemporary Indian spot that opened next to the Annoyance Theater six years ago, announced this morning that it will move north, to Andersonville. The last day in the Uptown location will be Sunday, July 8; the new Andersonville spot will open in the fall.

Much has been made of Mayor Rahm's plans for Uptown (specifically the Uptown Theatre), which of course is just the latest part of a decades-long conversation about the potential of the neighborhood. Marigold seemed like part of the neighborhood's transformation to something more gentrified (not that I'm placing a value judgement on that). But apparently, Marigold either couldn't or wouldn't wait for the neighborhood to change even more.

The address of Marigold's new location isn't being disclosed (if I had to make a random guess, I'd say 5403 N Clark St, the former La Cocina de Frida space), but it doesn't even matter: If it's in Andersonville, there'll be no more waiting for the neighborhood to "transition."

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