Michelin names 2012 Chicago Bib Gourmands

Michelin's now-annual You're Not Getting A Star Awards—i.e., the Bib Gourmands—were doled out this morning. In usual fashion, the dubious distinction was granted seemingly at random; the 56 restaurants selected include probably the most loved restaurant in Chicago (Avec) as well as one restaurant that seems to sink lower and lower to the bottom of barrel on each visit (Ann Sather).

Per Michelin, the determining factor for qualifying for a Bib is that two courses and a glass of wine or dessert can be had for $40 or less, a bizarre rubric that seems to flout the fact that the check average at many of its selections (e.g., Girl & the Goat, GT Fish) is probably much closer to $50 or $60. Also apparently, Bib Gourmands are awarded for life (?) because with very few exceptions, this list is identical to last year's. The only still-open restaurant that appears to have had its Bib taken away is Frances' Deli; closed restaurants Bistro 110, Mado, Otom and Veerasway were removed from the list. 

We'd say congrats to the new additions—Arami, Bistronomic, Fogon, Gemini Bistro, GT Fish & Oyster, Jin Thai, Kabul House, Lao Sze Chuan, Maude's Liquor Bar, Mundial, Owen & Engine, Perennial Virant, Sen (this place?), Sol de Mexico, Xni-Pec and Yolo (this place?)—but since all these people probably realize Longman & Eagle is about to have its star renewed (the actual guide drops on the 16th), should we actually be extending our sympathies? Full list after the jump:

2012 Chicago Bib Gourmands

Ann Sather



Belly Shack


The Bristol


Ceres' Table


De Cero




Frontera Grill

Gemini Bistro

Gilt Bar

Girl & the Goat

Green Zebra

GT Fish & Oyster

Han 202



Jin Thai

Kabul House

La Creperie

La Petit Folie

Lao Sze Chuan

Los Nopales

Lula Café

M. Henry

Maude's Liquor Bar


Mixteco Grill

Mundial Cocina Mestiza



Opart Thai House

Owen & Engine

Paramount Room

Perennial Virant

The Publican

The Purple Pig

Raj Darbar

Riccardo Trattoria



Smoque BBQ

Sol de Mexixo

Spacca Napoli

Taste of Peru

Thai Village

Twin Anchors

Urban Belly

West Town Tavern



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