New menu and cocktail list at Masa Azul

Chef Jonathan Zaragoza

Chef Jonathan Zaragoza

Jonathan Zaragoza of the Birrieria Zaragoza clan has joined Masa Azul as its executive chef, but guess what? Goat is nowhere to be found on his first menu, which will begin being served on Tuesday, September 11. We're told this is not a philosophical thing, and that goat very well may pop up on future menus. But for now, Zaragoza seems to be telling the world that he will not, under any circumstances, have his identity confined to goat, nor his hands tied by goat handcuffs. As for Birrieria Zaragoza's other specialty, quesadillas? Those he doesn't seem to have a problem with.

Check out what else this guy is serving (grilled squab with mole!), as well as Masa Azul's new cocktail list, after the jump.

Cochinita Yucatan-braised pork, pickled red onion, habanero salsa, $8

Tacos de champigñon ancho-roasted mushrooms, tomatillo salsa, queso fresco, $7

Quesadilla Chihuahua cheese, guacamole, $7

Guacamole white onion, cilantro, serrano chile, housemade totopos, $8

Salsa de molcajete roasted tomatillos, arbol chile, roasted garlic, housemade totopos, $5

Sopa Azteca guajillo broth, crispy tortilla strips, avocado, poblano crema, $8

Crema de Elote roasted corn, cream, cilantro pesto, bacon, $9

Czar baby gem lettuce, avocado caesar dressing, pickled jicama, cotija fritters, $10

Baby Greens jicama, radish, guajillo chile vinaigrette, $9

Bistec grilled flat iron steak, ancho potatoes, rajas con crema, lime, $22

Scallops sweet potato puree, arugula, chorizo, $20

Pichón grilled squab, mole Oaxaqueño, wild rice, panko-crusted fried egg, $22

Camarones chipotle shrimp, cotija grits, cilantro pesto, $20

Chile Relleno Chihuahua-stuffed poblano, rice, chipotle slaw, guajillo vinaigrette, $15 

*Masa Azul makes each tortilla by hand in-house


Russell in the Tumbleweeds Del Maguey Chichicapa, orange liqueur, limonada, serrano, red pepper, $12

Gypsy Don Modesto Blanco, maraschino, orange liqueur, limonada, green chilehabanero rim, $10

Autumn Hacienda de Chihuahua Anejo, tart cherry, allspice, citrus, Chicago Old Town Spiced Sugar, $10

Lola Casa Noble Blanco, Todd Appel grapefruit cordial, grapefruit, Stiegl Radler, $9

Black Betty Corazon Anejo, blackberry, tart cherry, meyer lemon, bubbles, $9

Chicha Morada purple corn, pineapple, allspice, Brachetto, Regional Anejo, $9

Heart of the Dead Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol Reposado, blood orange, passion fruit, pomegranate, limonada, Hum liqueur, $11

Audrey Horne Del Maguey Vida, prickly pear, strawberry, lime, bubbles, $9

Pablo Casa Noble Blanco, coconut, limonada, toasted coconut, nutmeg, $10

Latin Manhattan El Gran Viejo Extra Anejo, Amaro, Gran Classico, vanilla bean cherry, $12

Horse with no Name Casa Noble Reposado, Jo Snow Lavendar, lemon, bubbles, $10


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