Poll: Who will replace Ryan Poli at Perennial?

Poll: Who will replace Ryan Poli at Perennial?

Photograph: Calbee Booth

Eater.com has the titillating news that supermodel chef Ryan Poli is leaving Perennial. Seems as though perennial was the last thing Poli's reign at the [node:149925 link=Lincoln Park restaurant;] was, eh? Jokes!

Poli is going to [node:227261 link=Tavernita;], a move we think is somewhat bizarre but that we hope works out for the chef. We'll know if it worked out when we review the place. He'll know when we review it, too. [node:165849 link=We don't mince words, Poli.;]

The owners of Perennial, Rob Katz and Kevin Boehm, have told us that they're replacing Poli with a "celebrity chef." The announcement of said chef will be (and yes, these are their exact words) "Earth shattering."

Earth shattering! Is that like a world-wide earthquake? We better tie down our loved ones.

What chef could possibly shake the world? In brainstorming who it might be, we had trouble thinking of a true celebrity chef who doesn't already have business partners. Achatz has Kokonas. Batali has Bastianich. And so on and so forth.

But we did think of a handful of well-known chefs who could use some help:

Charlie Trotter: Dude slashed the price of his Valentine's dinner in half. Perhaps only BOKA Group can save him now.

Laurent Gras: Clearly losing his mind. Have you seen this photo?

Graham Elliot

Nate Appleman: He's working at Chipotle now.

Julia Child: Dead. Help a sister out!

Because this is a blog post, we're now going to break the fourth wall and ask you, the reader, who you think will be the next chef at Perennial. Answer by using the poll below. Winners get to run their left hand through Poli's hair. Just kidding!


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