Revealed: The food menu of Barrelhouse Flat

The Barrelhouse Flat

The Barrelhouse Flat Photograph: Martha Williams

Barrelhouse Flat—[node:14985543 link=the Stephen Cole-helmed cocktail bar on the mind of everybody who cares about cocktails in this town;]—opened this week, and though the place has 70 cocktails in its repertoire, the place is not entirely about drinking. It's also about food. Chef Nick Hertel, an alum of Charlie Trotter's and Goose Island, has put together a small menu of bar snacks including savory beignets, a seasonal pâté and pig face (which, really, is that even a thing?). Like the rest of Barrelhouse, the menu seems to tip towards sophistication while still keeping something for the post–2am crowd. Check it out after the jump.

Barrelhouse Flat :: Food

Pig Face Poutine $13
Roasted fig, shallot, hand-cut fries

Double Deviled Eggs $3 per egg 
Ham, tobacco onions  

Sweetbread Bites $9
Green Goddess (1923)  

Seasonal Pâté $10 
Mustard, herb salad 

Daily Popcorn $4 

Porchetta Sandwich $15
Herbs, caper, parm 

Old Bay Rice Chips $3 

Dips and Spreads (pick 3) $12
Roasted red pepper and chorizo 
Snappy cheese 
Smoked Trout 
Chipotle sweet potato 
Caramelized onion 

Blue Cheese and Mushroom Beignets $9
Peppercorn gastrique  

Seasonal Salad $7

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