Revealed: The location of Doughnut Vault

A glazed doughnut from Doughnut Vault.

A glazed doughnut from Doughnut Vault.

We don't spend a terrible amount of time on food blogs here at TOC headquarters (we've got a magazine and website to put out, okay? And a kid's magazine and a kid's website!). But for a couple months now I've found myself sucked into the pages of a certain Tumblr: The pang-inducing Tumblr of The Doughnut Vault.

The pleasure I get from the photos on this blog (one of which I've graciously been granted permission to reprint above) is so great it's painful. Painful because there are so many questions. For instance: When will these doughnuts be made available to the public? Who is "doughnut chef" Francois Gras, and where did he come from? And just where, exactly is this Doughnut Vault? (I've prayed that it indeed is a real place, and not just a blog.)

Today, I am happy to provide an answer to at least one of these questions.

The Doughnut Vault will be in the original stone vault of the 401 N Franklin St building. If this location sounds familiar, that's because it houses Gilt Bar, which is owned by Doughnut Vault's proprieter, Brendan Sodikoff.

Sodikoff (who also owns [node:176525 link=Maude’s Liquor Bar;] and Curio) has been mum on the Vault's location until now because there was no address to give. "The vault was sealed to the world with no access and no address," he wrote in an email. "The closest [address] I can give would be 401-1/2 Franklin St."

As for the answers to those other burning questions: Sodikoff says Doughnut Vault should open to the public in the next few weeks. "Hours are nonconventional at best," he warns. "We'll be producing doughnuts in small quantities, opening the doors till we sell out, and then producing some more. We'll post a 20 minute pre-opening warning on Facebook and Twitter to let people know. The idea was to sell doughnuts at their best and avoid those old, dried out things that sit on counters for hours."

A few weeks! Thank God. That Tumblr is great, but it can only satiate a boy for so long...

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