Rhapsody has closed; coming soon: Tesori


Damn if this isn't the most random piece of news we've heard in a long time: Last night, Rhapsody—the go-to restaurant for Chicago Symphony Orchestra lovers and one of the only fine-dining options in the Loop—closed.

(I'll wait while you make a mental joke about a violin wailing. What? You said that joke out loud? Oh, wow.)

There's almost no news about what will replace Rhapsody other than a name and a projected opening date: Tesori is slated to open in the space in September.

Answers to your burning questions:

- Will Tesori be Italian? Probably. 

- Will Dean Zanella (pictured) still be the chef? No. But honestly, that's okay with me—his talents never seemed to gel with that space anyway. Get that man a smallish neighborhood restaurant!

- Will I post more details here if I get any? Certainly!

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