The 10 Best Worst Ideas for Next's Next Menu

View from the host stand into the dining room at Next

View from the host stand into the dining room at Next Photograph: Martha Williams

Last night, Next reached out to its small country of Facebook fans to elicit suggestions for future menus. As always with user-generated Internet initiatives, this brought out a wealth of cogent, thoughtful responses. Below, the ten best worst, unhelpful ideas for Next's next menu, from the 651 current comments: 

10. Anywhere in the world AFTER tickets

9. Food of the OREGON TRAIL

8. I apologize if someone already said this, but Hot Pockets. 

7. I have an amazing idea...Message me as I already have dinner parties with this theme... 

6. Pretty sure there is no Harold's #78 - so build it at Next 

5. Snakes on a Plate 

4. The life of a caterpillar from beginning stages to building cocoon to butterfly. 

3. Anything from one particular commenter, whose menu schemes include: "The Solar System" (One course for every planet bookended by a sun and moon course) and "Human Development" (One course for each stage of human psycho-social development).

2. I know my vegetarian girlfriend would appreciate a few more veg friendly menus.

1. I would be tremendously excited to get my invite. I signed up on the website almost two year ago and yet to receive any sort of table/reservations options.

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