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The bar chart | Aug 30–Sept 5, 2012

Our heated assessment of where to drink this week.

 (Photograph: Colin Beckett)
Photograph: Colin Beckett

Chamb�ry Station, Parasol and French Exit at Paris Club

 (Photograph: Martha Williams)
Photograph: Martha Williams

City Winery


The J. Parker

 (Photo : Dave Rentauskas)
Photo : Dave Rentauskas

Red Door


RM Champagne Salon

 (Photograph: Jeremy Bolen)
Photograph: Jeremy Bolen




BELLYQ Peter Vestinos just can’t quit Chicago—at Bill Kim’s spot, he’s streamlining with five cocktails. 1400 W Randolph St (312-563-1010). file under:high-fives all around

CITY WINERY Though this is more a music venue than a bar, we’re certain you’re supposed to drink here. 1200 W Randolph St (312-773-9463). file under:winos

THE J. PARKER Question: When it gets cold, where are all these people going to go? 1816 N Clark St (312-254-4747). file under:cocktailians, great escapes

PARIS CLUB Waiting for Paul McGee’s bar to open? Calm your nerves here, where he revamped the drink list. 59 W Hubbard St (312-595-0800). file under:life after the Whistler

RED DOOR Duck à l’orange tamales till 2am on Thursdays: Troy Graves just upped the late-night-eats game. 2118 N Damen Ave (773-697-7221). file under:tamale guys

RM CHAMPAGNE SALONMay all your pain be Champagne. At RM. With caviar service. 116 N Green St (312-243-1199).file under:winos

TAXIM Speaking of new half-price wine nights: You have a date with the Greek wine list here on Monday. 1558 N Milwaukee Ave (773-252-1558). file under:good enough to eat, winos

URBAN UNION What’s different about these half-price glasses of wine (on Wednesdays)? They come from a tap. 1421 W Taylor St (312-929-4302). file under:seafood splendor, winos