The mad geniuses at Bang Bang have invented the bonut

In honor of National Doughnut Day, Bang Bang Pie Shop is introducing the biscuit-doughnut to the world

Behold Bang Bang Pie Shop's bonut.

Behold Bang Bang Pie Shop's bonut. Photograph: courtesy Bang Bang Pie Shop

National Doughnut Day is better than Christmas, so why let just doughnut shops have all the fun? Bang Bang Pie Shop, known for its insanely buttery biscuits nearly as much as its pies, today is premiering the bonut, a biscuit-doughnut hybrid. Bang Bang chef Patrick Cloud says it's sweeter than a biscuit due to its vanilla-bean icing and richer than a doughnut, due to all that butter. It's served with cherry-berry jam and an optional candied bacon crumble for $4 and available today through the rest of the weekend.

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