The Slide Ride food truck to hit the streets in May

The Slide Ride, the next food truck to hit the streets, will sell slider-size hot sandwiches.

The next food truck to hit the streets is a bright-pink mini-sandwich mobile.

The next food truck to hit the streets is a bright-pink mini-sandwich mobile.

Slow-moving legislation led David Wojtonik to pass his Simple Sandwich truck off to 5411 Empanadas, but more trucks are about to hit the Chicago streets. Up next: The Slide Ride, which Nida Rodriguez, a home cook who works in corporate finance, plans to launch in mid- to late-May.

Inspired by gaztro-wagon last summer, Rodriguez realized a food truck could be her entry into the food industry. And she has a few ideas for how to combat some of the challenges that have emerged. For instance, though she's looking for commercial shared-kitchen space, Rodriguez is also talking to bars about renting out space during the day, when their kitchens are not in use. And she recognizes that winters will be slow, which is why she hopes the slider idea will have success as a catering option for cocktail parties, too. "It's cute, it's fun, it's pretty easy to pass out," she explains.

What's cute, fun and easy to pass out are the small—that is, slider-size—warm sandwiches that The Slide Ride will sell. Just don't think that Rodriguez is talking about the White Castle icons: "I'm not doing a traditional ground-beef burger," she explains. "I found that those don't hold up as well in the warming oven; people like them medium-rare, and they tend to get well done." Instead, she's testing out sandwiches like a spicy pork banh mi with pickled daikon and sriracha mayo; curry and barbecue–braised ribs with toasted sesame seeds, scallions and kimchi; and a traditional ribeye with melted provolone and caramlized onions. Rodgriguez is working with Red Hen Bakery to develop the breads for the mini-sandwiches ("I want a heartier type of bread that's going to hold up in a warming oven," she explains, such as ciabatta or pretzel rolls). The Slide Ride will also sell chocolate chip cookies, chips and sodas.

The truck is larger than most of the city's current fleet (so that Rodgriguez can ultimately add a kitchen to it once the legislation allows), and it's currently in the process of being fabricated. But you'll know it when you see it. "My main marketing is my truck," Rodriguez explains, "so I wanted a bright pink truck so you can see it in the street."

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