Chicago Park District Registration begins Monday August 20

If you haven't heard already—and considering the Park District left me a message on my cell phone the other night, I'm guessing you have—there's a new system in place this year for Chicago Park District's online registration. Instead of the massive crunch of the entire city attempting to register for tumbling classes at the same time, tomorrow, August 20, the only parks that will register online are those west of California Avenue. All parks east of California will register on Tuesday, August 21, and both registrations begin at 9am. There's also a new registration system in place, so if you didn't sign up for any spring 2012 programs, you'll want to create a log-in beforehand at the Chicago Park District's fall registration page. To register in person, you'll have to wait until at least Saturday, August 25 (see here for info on in-person registration). And, as always with park registration, we wish you the best of luck.

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