Chicago teachers on strike

Chicago Public Schools went back to school, then shut the doors.

Chicago Teacher's Strike, September 10, 2012

Chicago Teacher's Strike, September 10, 2012 Photo: Nicole Radja

Now that teachers are officially on strike, "back to school" has been postponed. Here's all of our fall schools content, including the most up-to-date strike news we can muster, and recommendations on where to take your kids while you wait for the doors to open.

Chicago teachers strike | Post-mortem

The strike will have wide ramifications.

Strike enters second week

More reactions to more time off.

CTU strike to continue through at least Tuesday

Teachers may lose the PR battle over this decision.

Teachers rally in Logan Square | Photos

Teachers hit the square as talks wind down.

How CPS kids are keeping busy during the strike | Strike intern photos

Our intern documents students during the strike.

Chicago teachers rally at the Hyatt | Photos

Penny Pritzker hears from CTU

A parent's take on the Chicago teacher strike

Our copy editor discusses her family's experience.

A Chicago student's take on the strike | Strike intern

A CPS student takes one of our jobs for a day.

Chicago Teachers Union rally in Union Park | Photos

Jesse Jackson, Rhymefest and more address union supporters.

Kids supporting teachers on strike | Photos

Students have been out in droves to walk the line for teachers.

Teachers strike day three | Photos

Teachers make some noise, negotiations make some progress.

Signs of the strike | Photos

We've seen some impressive creativity in teachers' picket signs.

Chicago teachers rally on Tuesday | Photos

Breakdancing in the streets.

DIY curriculum

Educate your kids in the city.

Free museum days during the strike

Chicago institutions open up for CPS students.

Twitter hate for teachers

Teacher unions opponents sound off.

Chicago teachers union rally | Photos

We got pics of the massive rally Monday eve.

Strike options for parents

There's lots to do now that you have the time.

Chicago teachers strike day one | Photos

The CTU camped outside the CPS

Funniest things we've heard people say about the strike

Our favorite overheard's and tweets.

Chicago teachers on strike

It's official: School's out.