Chicago teachers rally at the Hyatt | Photos

Today, while word came down from above that the two sides were close to an agreement, the Chicago Teachers Union picketed outside the Hyatt Regency hotel. Hyatt board member Penny Pritzker is also a board member of Chicago Public Schools, and the Hyatt chain has received $5 million dollars in Tax Increment Financing funds. TIF funds are property taxes that are set aside—in other words, not used for schools, libraries, etc.—for the mayor to dispense to encourage development. TIF funds have been controversial in Chicago for years, and become a hot-button issues for teachers who want that money redirected back to the schools.

Teachers marched behind a full band in front of the hotel, perhaps feeling emboldened by the news that school could reopen as soon as Monday. The teachers I talked to at the rally seemed a little more relaxed, but no less energetic, with one history teacher saying, "Even when this is over, it's not over."

(Also, well done to the protester who made the Rahm/Mr. Burns connection.)

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