Family-friendly activities outside Kidzapalooza

Kidzapalooza| August 3, 2012

Kidzapalooza| August 3, 2012 Sara Mays

Kidza 2012 rocked the house this afternoon with all-star performances from the likes of Purple Apple and Harrison Ivaz, but tomorrow's a new day and new schedule. With downtime in between sets, we decided to put together a small list of kid-friendly hubs among hipster paradise for families to enjoy.

Toyota Prius Family Playground

Probably the most kid-friendly tent in Grant Park, the Toyota-sponsored locale keeps things cool by dishing out free ice-water-soaked Lolla headbands. Kids can play whac-a-mole (whac-a-hipster, they call it) from the trunk of a Prius, while parents charge their phones in the adjacent charging station. Try your luck on the giant gerbal wheel for a chance to win a trip to Spain. Take caution, though: More than one overzealous person took a dive during attempts.

Addidas Originals Black Top

In this case, it's what's on the outside that counts. Amateur and pro skatebaoarders perform tricks on the mini-ramp outside the Addidas hub. Watch up-close from a small viewing gallery, while they kick-flip and olley from one end to the other. Despite a modest set-up, it's cool to watch the pros at work. If you're so inclined, inside you'll find monitors and displays of skate videos and Adidas promos for those who can't resist a good advertisement.  

Playroom by Google Play

This spot caters more toward adults, but if you happen to stumble upon the right band, it may be fun for everyone. Google Play sets up an informal interview stage for Lolla performers. A moderator asks questions before letting the audience get in on the action. Kids can play with a few gizmos scattered on display tables, too. Additional bonuses: Air conditioning and free giveaways. 

VH1 Pop Up Video Screen

How can kids (or adults) resist the urge to play with a giant digital screen that plays virtual jokes? Festival ushers hand out paper handles that relay virtual messages to the big screen. It may, or may not be flattering, but makes for a few good giggles.

Playstation Society

The lifelike video games are sure to draw the attention of your kids, which we're sure you won't mind since the tent is air-conditioned to the max. It can get crowded inside, but there'e also the opportunity to win prizes by punching in a bit of info on one of the central computer stations. A charging station for cell phones is also on site, in case of low batteries. 

Camelback Water Station

There's not much playing involved, but you'll want to know where to find these Camelback stations. Get in and out with filtered water, without the hassle of make-shift fountains in the park.  


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