Funniest lines about the strike

Chicago teachers rally. Photo used by permission from the Chicago Teachers Union 1 Flickr stream.

Chicago teachers rally. Photo used by permission from the Chicago Teachers Union 1 Flickr stream. Photo: Chicago Teachers Union 1

While the issues behind (and in front of, and all around) the teacher strike are serious, we've been seeing some pretty funny responses. We'll keep updating this post as more comedy ensues.

• "Two hours into first day of strike. Both kids, unshaven, in grimy terrycloth robes, sipping black coffee and staring blankly out the window at the dead grass, muttering."—Ian Belknap
• "It's a good thing Rahm's kid goes to a Chicago Public School, so he really feels the consequences of what is happening right now on a personal level. And all Chicago Public Libraries have computers reserved for CPS students who need to get some work done, so it's a good thing Rahm extended the library hours and increased their budget. (...) Wait, what?"—Daniel Duffy
• "Rahm's weekend. Friday: Springsteen concert. Sunday: give teacher's union the Tenth Avenue Freeze Out."—Ted McLelland
• "RUSH: Watch how long #CTUstrike goes on. There will be some violence & finally Obama will move in & do something? So he & Rahm get credit."—@hardlinestance (This is presumably quoting Rush Limbaugh, and presumably not as a joke. But the idea that a violent teacher strike would be good for Obama and Rahm is hilarious.)
• "I'm dropping my kid off at Karen Lewis's house. And if she does a good job of baby-sitting: no merit pay."—Overheard
• "Seen on sign by CPS building: @CTULocal1: teaching kids the difference between right and Rahm #CTUstrike #1u"—Joe Hopkins
• "When you google the word "Strike" you get drone strike, lets hope #ctustrike changes that."—Mike Elk
• "Maybe Chicagoans can get a group discount at Disneyworld? it would be the perfect time to go..."—Rebecca Labowitz
• "For those missing school today due to the teacher's strike, please prepare for the ISATs by completing the following analogy: Snowstorms are to Mayor Bilandic as the Chicago teachers strike is to _______." —Eve Becker
• "Was I the only one that saw #CTUstrike trending and immediately thought of 24?"—Matt Goldzman

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