Strike enters second week

With the Chicago Teachers Union deciding to continue its strike into a second week, things have heated up even past last week's boiling point. Mayor Rahm Emanuel filed an injunction against the teachers in Cook County Court this morning, arguing that the teachers walked out on "non-strikable issues"—meaning not based on salary complaints—and ordering them back to work. But this morning, Cook County Judge Peter Flynn declined to consider the injunction until Wednesday, which also happens to be the prospective first day of school, should the union accept the contract tomorrow.

I expected to find exasperation and frustration on Twitter this morning, but instead mostly found users continuing their support of the teachers, and condemning Rahm's tactics (generally, if your rep is as a bully, suing teachers isn't going to soothe that at all). If you're feeling like you want to talk through the issues surrounding the strike, education org Raise Your Hand Coalition is holding a roundtable for parents tomorrow night at 8pm. It's even at a bar, Gannon's Pub, 4264 N Lincoln Ave, since we know you need a drink.










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