The Chatterbox | February 2

File under: “Giveth and taketh away”

  • New York Daily News reports UGGS have been banned from a Pennsylvania middle school! OMG! But aren’t UGGS part of the middle-school uniform?

  • A 13-pound, 13-ounce baby was born naturally in Des Moines, Iowa this week, setting Mercy Medical Center’s record for “biggest baby born without a surgical delivery.” We hereby bestow a Natural Birth Badass nod upon mother Kendall Stewardson, whose first baby, also born without surgery, tipped the scales at 12 pounds, one ounce.

  • In an effort to promote “digital learning,” Chicago Public Schools lifted its ban on YouTube in the classroom this week, reports NBC 5.

  • Tarren See Garcia, a sixth-grader from rural McHenry Country, was so shocked by what he saw last Tuesday morning that he missed the bus. The 12-year-old told the Chicago Tribune that he spotted a human skull on his family’s property while on his way to school. A police search of the area that day turned up a second human skull about 75 feet away.

File under: “Monkeyin’ around”

  • Lincoln Park Zoo unleashed its strategy against a commercial featuring a suit-and-tie-wearing chimpanzee that is scheduled to air during the Super Bowl. “No good will come from employing chimpanzees for cheap laughs,” says Dr. Steve Ross and other wildlife advocates. Ad execs have weighed in as well, saying the commercials aren’t even that effective.

  • We can’t decide whether we’re excited or nervous for the upcoming computer-animated adaptation of The Lorax, due March 2. It turns out that a classroom of fourth-graders in Massachusetts shared our dilemma. This is what they wrote in an online petition: “We were excited for The Lorax movie to come out in March, but when we went to the movie website, there was absolutely nothing about saving the Earth which is what Dr. Seuss wanted us to learn. The site is more about selling tickets.” And guess what? Their petition worked. The film’s official site now contains a bright green burst directing users to environmental page The Lorax Project. Kudos to Brookline teacher Ted Wells and his students!

File under: “Diss-Like”

  • On January 23, Mayor Rahm Emanuel held his second #AskChicago “Facebook Town Hall,” on the topic of education. It did not go well, according to this report from Kari Lydersen, and comments posted after the fact below articles about the event.

  • Feeling pooped after your eight-hour work day? The Chicago Tribune reported this week that some parents think the longer day at some Chicago Public Schools, clocking in at 7 1/2 hours, is too mentally and physically taxing for young kids.

File under: “Name checked”

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