The Chatterbox | May 2

File under: "Birth and rebirth"

• The Octomom Nadya Sulemen became a household name in 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets. The public's reaction quickly went from congratulatory to derisive after it was revealed that the single mom already had six children, was on welfare and had undergone fertility treatments to score the 2009 brood. Critics will likely be back for more: The Chicago Tribune reports this week that the single mom filed for bankruptcy, with records showing she is between $500,000 and $1 million in debt.
• Singer/reality TV star/hair-extension proponent Jessica Simpson gave birth to a baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson, Tuesday morning.
• The Tribune also has this story on a new at-home fertility test for men that hit retail shelves, among the many ovulation, pregnancy, and female fertility kits, in April. Though women often bear the brunt of finger-pointing and testing when fertility issues arise in a relationship, writer Kristen Kridel says the new SpermCheck Fertility test, which can detect a low sperm count in minutes, "does provide a starting point while drawing attention to male infertility as a legitimate health concern."

File under: "Fired"

• The Sun-Times reports a woman was shot in the chest by her ex-boyfriend Monday after asking him when he planned to babysit their child.
• A New Jersey mom was arrested for allegedly bringing her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth, reports NBC 4 in New York.
"Kids Draw the News," a new online feature from the City Room at The New York Times, ruffled a few parents' feathers (check out the comments here) with its first assignment that invited kids to draw their interpretation of a brawl that took place in the restaurant of fancy-schmancy Manhattan health club that one anonymous witness described as "the best fight I've ever seen...a nondiscriminatory ragematch."
• Retailer Target announced it is dropping the Kindle and all other Amazon products from its stores. Tech-focused news site The Verge says it obtained an official Target memo that cites a "conflict of interest" as the impetus for the split.

File under: "Cinco de Derby"

• Two of our favorite spring celebrations are happening Saturday, and we can barely contain ourselves! To celebrate, we plan to craft these adorbs newspaper Kentucky Derby hats for the big race and then wear them straight through at least one of these Chicagoland Cinco de Mayo festivals.

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