Twitter hate for teachers

The Internet is a wonderful tool for disabusing yourself of any notions you have about decorum and respect in the public sphere. As I've been following the conversation about the Chicago Teachers Union strike on Twitter, it's been fascinating and educating (Yep, the strike hasn't killed education dead) to watch the two sides argue back and forth. But there's also a truly nasty seam running through the Twittersphere, one that's especially contemptuous of Chicago teachers and, one could argue, students. While this stuff is typically not worth even looking at, in a battle for public opinion—one which teachers have to fight pretty much every day—it's worth noting. Regardless of what side you're on, the majority of us can condemn anyone who is this sneering toward the teaching profession.















*This one is more batty than anything. Important to note that no one has heeded the call for the retweet.

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