Odd Future + Bobby Womack | Tracks

Odd Future undergoes some needed character development. Bobby Womack shows that soul music isn’t perfect unless it’s broken.

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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

Odd Future

“Oldie” will stand as the rap crew’s definitive statement, and perhaps its only truly likable moment. The immature provocateurs finally allow their vision to overcome any reprehensible behavior by going epic. Why does this work? Well, the entire crew shows up, over ten-plus minutes of floaty keyboards and benumbed drum blasts that oddly breeze by. Hearing each MC deliver a verse in succession is engrossing character development. You see the diverse menagerie. There is the foolish hype man (Taco), the demented ringleader (Tyler), the storm cloud (Hodgy Beats), the thug muscle (Left Brain), the old-schooler (Mike G), the stoner (Domo), the lover poet (Frank Ocean), the clown mascot (Jasper Dolphin) and the eager prodigy (Earl Sweatshirt). It’s okay that you don’t like some of them. You’re not supposed to. Gathering the ensemble shows us the heroes and the villains, the boobs and the brains. Who’d watch a Family Guy episode that was nothing but Stewie or Quagmire?

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