Solange Knowles + The Internet | Tracks

Beyoncé’s kid sister goes indie. Odd Future’s DJ whips up a quiet storm.

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<strong>Rating: </strong>3/5

“Losing You”

Being second best sucks, but Solange Knowles doesn’t have it so bad. She seems to know that she’ll forever be outshined by big sis Beyoncé, so after a few major label bids, she’s instead ingratiated herself to a cadre of indie hotshots, including Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, whose Terrible Records released “Losing You.” Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes and in-demand U.K. oddball Dev Hynes provide behind-the-scenes help, and together they’ve fashioned a convincing burst of ’80s pop, one that rides the rubbery bounce of R&B with tic-like tropical hints on loop. Crisp handclaps and warm synthesizers are deployed in an empty plea to—who else?—a boy: “I’m not the one that you should be making your enemy.” Each rigidly aligned syllable lands as if it’s typeset and immovable, and while the younger Knowles wears the retro cool well, she’s technically too good of a singer for this. Her filigreed backup vocals are where she’s having the most fun. She may be indie now, but she’s still aiming for the charts.

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