The best and worst lyrics from Big Sean's Hall of Fame

Big Sean strikes me as the ideal rapper for a best and worst lyrics treatment. When I first heard the Detroit M.C. on Kanye West's "See Me Now," a bonus cut from Yeezy's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I thought he stole the show. On a track with Kanye and Beyoncé. However, he then went on to write a stripper-clap banger that was basically the word "Ass!" spoken robotically 456 times.

The 25-year-old can twist a clever couplet with ease…or deliver a clunky string a rhymes that would make a Kidzapalooza performer blush. Often, his rapping is so ridiculous, it's difficult to discern if it's dumb genius, terrible, or dumb genius because it is so terrible. His casual, chirpy delivery works both for and against him and blurs this line further. Hall of Fame, his sophomore effort, was released today. Like Jay Z and Kanye, it offers moments of both brilliance and baffling stupidity. In other words, he's acting like an aging big leaguer. This is his Magna Carta Holy Grail. Problem is, Big Sean is on record number two, with no College Dropout or Reasonable Doubt behind him.

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