The best and worst lyrics on Drake's Nothing Was the Same

I'm getting tired of rappers making downbeat synth-pop. Blame it on growing up in the sampledelic boom-bap era of hip-hop. But if I want to hear a dude trying to be both the new Michael Jackson and the xx, I'll spin the latest Weeknd record—R&B music by a guy who can sing R&B. 

That's the thing about Drake—he's stuck in a DMZ between crooners and spitters. Yes, this is his schtick, being Warren G to Yeezy and Jay Z's Snoop and Dre, yet I never find it quite as satisfying as either hard or soft extreme on Nothing Was the Same.

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Some critics are raving about Drake's openness, suggesting he's a remedy to the money-focused MCs. Really though, his verses are just a different, more verbose shade of arrogance. Often funny, often more insufferable. Instead of going on and on about his rare cars, he stresses about the emotional perils of his success. But also, he still rubs wealth in your face, a lot. Like all rappers, the dude can't find anything better to do with his cash then eat the freshest lobster in Europe.

Don't believe me? Check out the evidence above. To be fair, a few of these lines, the absolute stinkers, come courtesy of Jay Z. Remember when that guy was good?

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