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  1. $100 at g boutique
  2. $149 at Babeland
  3. $149 at Babeland
  4. $149 at Babeland
  5. $59.99 from
  6. $61.20 at
  7. $61.20 at
  8. $61.20 at
  9. $80-$95 at Babeland
  10. $52.50 from Pure Romance
  11. $9 at Early to Bed
  12. $84.95 at the Pleasure Chest
  13. Available at drugstores
  14. $72 at g boutique
  15. $32 at Early to Bed
  16. $9.50 at

Debby's 12 Fantasmagicgasmic Sex Toys


1. We-Vibe ($100 at g boutique)
The We-Vibe is, hands down, one of the most innovative sex toys. Its U-shape means that it can be comfortably used during intercourse—as in, inserted inside a woman’s vagina while her partner is thrusting inside her with a penis, fingers, a tongue or whatever else feels good. Detailed tips on how to use it during intercourse, foreplay, penis play and mid-break-from-sex-play are in my book, Because It Feels Good.

2. Sasi ($149 at Babeland)
For years, the only toys that simulated oral sex looked like big plastic tongues. Then came the Sasi, which had a small tongue flick–type thing going on beneath a soft silicone surface. Oh, and you can actually “teach” it what you like by pressing a “don’t stop” button. Incredible. Try it, you’ll see.

3. Sqweel ($59.99 from
The Sqweel is one of those must-try products just for the heck of it. It has ten pink tongues that rotate as part of a wheel (hence the name). It’s probably more novelty than orgasmic for some people, but I think it’s fun, different and good for adding a little play to one’s solo or partnered sex life.

4. Lelo Homme Bo ($61.20 at
The Bo is one of the few toys for which the men I know have gone crazy. I’ve given a lot of sample cock rings to a lot of friends (and a few lovers) over the years and have often been met with lukewarm responses. No so with the Bo. It got rave reviews from pretty much all the guys who tried and several said they’d taken to using it during masturbation. The silicone means it’s easy to clean and the vibration is low to moderate (which men tend to prefer moreso than women-friendly “more, more, more” vibrations).

5. Earth Angel ($80–$95 at Babeland)
When the Earth Angel came out, I was skeptical that a wind-up vibrator could deliver much power. I was wrong. Double wrong. This thing rocks. It’s easy to wind up and provides lasting intense power. Only caveat: If you use a vibe for a long time (like, 45 mins or so), it may not last as long as you do. Perhaps better for those who indulge in quicker forays into pleasure.

6. Jelly Tool Belt ($52.50 from Pure Romance)
The Jelly Tool Belt remains one of the most popular couples toys of which I know. One reason may be that it features 7 settings—yes, seven. You’re sure to find one that works wonders (try super speed for some yum…. That is, if you can take it).

7. Silver Bullet ($9 at Early to Bed)
The silver bullet is the little black dress of vibrators. It works for most people unless you are into “insertion or bust” (as silver bullets should not be inserted in vaginas or anuses; they are for external stimulation only). Get one with a multi-speed dial for the most vibration options, from low to oh-my-wow.

8. Vibratex Rosebud ($84.95 at The Pleasure Chest)
Goodbye old-school Rabbit, Hello Rosebud. While most Rabbit-style vibrators (made popular thanks to Sex and the City) are made of cheap, porous albeit soft and flexible jelly material, the Rosebud is made of silicone, which is easier to keep clean (and less likely to be toxic). Hold the wings down on the clitoral stimulation for greater intensity.

9. Trojan Vibrating Condom Ring (available at drugstores)
Not everyone is ready to dip themselves full force into partnered vibrators. Some want to try it out, which the Trojan vibrating condom ring is perfect for given that it’s affordable and, as a bonus, helps to keep condoms stable at the base. Vibrating condom rings are also well poised to deliver pleasure to partners who are newer in their relationship and thus may not be ready to invest in a shared toy, but do want to add some good vibrations to their play.

10. Acuvibe mini ($72 at g boutique)
Consider the Acuvibe the little cousin of the much-lauded Hitachi magic wand. Is it as powerful? No, but it does pack a serious punch. Plus, it’s super cute. Hold it against the clitoris, penile shaft or anal entrance (but not inside the anus) for kicks.

11. Gerri ($32 at Early to Bed)
The Gerri comes in different sizes. The smaller size is idea for beginner anal (for guys, p-spot) stimulation. For women, the larger size can be used as a g-spot toy. Just make sure not to use the same toy for the vagina as is used for the anus. Get two! If you insist on sharing between orifices (why, people?), at least wash it well and put a new condom over it for each use.

12. Mint Julep Body Sugar ($9.50 at Tulip)
I can’t give this one up. Truly, Tulip has made my life that much yummier by creating this mint julep–flavored body sugar. The brown-sugar flavor is to yum for, too, so take your pick, sprinkle it over your lover’s breasts, thighs, penis, mons, backside or wherever else that isn’t too sensitive and lick it up. Long sultry licks. Quick tongue flicks. Whatever works. Then sprinkle more on and repeat, repeat, repeat. Sex deserves to feel (and taste) good—not that naturally tasty genitals need any more help, but sometimes it adds variety.

Is this a complete list of fantasmagicgasmical toys? No, there are masturbation sleeves, double dongs, vibrating tongue rings, nipple clamps, sex swings, remote- controlled vibrating eggs and more…but we’ll save those for another day.

Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH writes the weekly In&Out sex column for TOC and is the author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction . She’s also a research scientist and sexual-health educator at Indiana University.

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