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Hala, 24
Lincoln Park

Interested in Men

My idea of a perfect first date My perfect first date is preceded by me perfecting the elegant-without-trying-too-hard look, which is no small feat. We meet for a casual dinner, and I am very happy that you are not wearing a fedora. Over dinner, we discuss the essentials: food trucks, Netflix, the best Louis C.K. jokes, other Louis C.K. jokes that are pretty good, back story stuff, travel stories, why it's annoying to use the word "eclectic" while describing music taste, the downfall of America's education system and how to repair it, etc. Dinner is followed by a stand-up show at the Laugh Factory, and we're both impressed by how well all the audience members behave themselves. Overall, it's a night of light-hearted banter, fun and a discovered mutual appreciation of food trucks.

Celebrity I most closely resemble Kim Kardashian, but that's mostly wishful thinking.

Why my mom thinks I'm a catch My mom thinks I'm a great catch because I'm fairly intelligent, compassionate and do the dishes all by myself without even being asked twice.

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