Continuing Education Guide 2011

How to turn your daydream into your dream job

Auer's town

Anyone who says you can’t make bank from an M.F.A. hasn’t met social media expert Johnny Auer.

Social studies

Get schooled! There are tons of resources (some free), including webinars, trade shows and online classes, to expand your digital skill set.

Social-media jobs

Five ways to earn a paycheck in social media.

Second acts

These Chicago women felt career burnout coming–and did something about it.

Going the distance

Follow their tracks to become the next big...

Swap meet

Three writers test out three skill-sharing sites to find out what’s worth the time.

Crazy classes

Become an even more well-rounded person by signing up for a wacky class in Chicago.

Social media marketing

Five ways to break into social media marketing.

Entrepreneurship 101

Eight options to help you brush up on your entrepreneurial skills.