Continuing Education Guide 2012

Get a job, get inspired or get a little crafty. Here’s how to get started.

Model/Actor - Heidi Johanningmeier  Hair/Makeup - Jen Brown

Model/Actor - Heidi Johanningmeier Hair/Makeup - Jen Brown


Chicago’s newest tech space helps digital entrepreneurs get up on their feet and out the door.

Chicago networking events

Take your career offline with these in-person networking events.

DIY classes in Chicago

Hone your handiwork at one of these DIY classes.

Inspiration strikes

Top dogs in a variety of fields share their sources of inspiration.

Lecture series in Chicago

Geek out at quirky lecture series around town.

Certificate programs

A new slew of certificate programs replaces the need for a master’s degree for some.

Pick up new skills and get a new job

Lost your old job? Here’s what to try next.

Educational Tours

Chicago’s crop of adult educational tours can help you get ahead.

Continuing education students

We track down five students who never got sick of school.