Celebrate Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary with a free tattoo

Show your Cubs commitment by etching Wrigley's logo into your flesh

Wrigley Field 100th Anniversary Tattoo

Wrigley Field 100th Anniversary Tattoo

How much do you love the Chicago Cubs? The Central Lakeview Merchants Association is offering an opportunity to prove your loyalty by inscribing a symbol of the team's home field on your body. In celebration of the stadium's 100th anniversary, Wrigley Field tattoos will be pressed into the flesh of die-hard fans on March 20 from noon-midnight at Chicago Tattooing & Piercing Company. The first 12 Cubs enthusiasts to contact the Association will receive the tats free of charge.

Pictured above, the design features the top of Wrigley Field's symbolic sign, forgoing the unofficial mascot of Wrigleyville: the drunk and vomiting baseball bum.

If any fairweather White Sox fans out there were crushed by last season's hellish performance and looking to switch teams, the Central Lakeview Merchants are also offering up the opportunity to have your Sox tat lasered off at Tattoo Removal Centers of American. Again, the first 12 fickle South Siders to contact them will receive the service for free.

Baseball seasons's about to begin, so get your loyalties in line with some gratis body art.

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