Registration now open for 2012 Color Run

Photograph: Courtesy of

Photograph: Courtesy of

You ran for chocolate. You ran dressed as Elvis. And now you can run and, uh, pretend you're in a Skittles commercial. Registration is now open for the Color Run, a 5k race that blasts you with color dust as you hit the pavement. Find yellow dust in the air as you get to the 1k mark, blue at 2k, green at 3k, pink at 4k and you'll finish the race with a "color extravaganza." Race officials say the special "elf made" magical color dust is 100% safe and natural. Kind of looks like Double-Dare-meets-a-Willy-Wonka-acid-trip, right? The race is set to take place June 2 at Montrose Harbor. Sign up now, and you'll get in for $40 per person, or $35 per person if you sign up as a team of four. Oh, and you're a blank canvas, so don't forget to wear all white to the race.

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