Am I Blue | Chicago Fringe Festival 2011 review

Elizabeth Blue's solo sketch show offers charming, committed takes on neurotic-singleton standards.

Pixieish, New York–based performer Elizabeth Blue walks a very funny line between self-improvement and self-involvement in her solo sketch show, tracing the modern single girl's path to enlightenment (and fame and riches and a cute, bearded boyfriend) in the city. Blue uses high-potential confessional setups to stoke some scenes—sessions with a life coach and a sex therapist, for instance—while others are curveballs, such as her presentation to fellow students in a "jumpstart your business" seminar (featuring some quality comic uses of stock photography).

The neurotic singleton tropes may not be new, but Blue crafts solid, committed takes on such topics: engaging in "boyfriend visualization" (she's decided they'll meet at a farmer's market where he's running a booth for his successful wine store); coming on too strong to a dreamy deskmate in a writing class; telling her life coach that "I almost had a threesome…they weren't into it." Over the course of an hour, Blue's oblivious, self-absorbed character learns a little (but not too much); Blue the performer wins us over with a perky, quirky charm.

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