My Life is a Joke debuts on OWN featuring Chicago comedians

  • Kellye Howard

  • Patti Vasquez

  • Lisa Laureta

  • Jessica Joy

  • Natalie Jose

Kellye Howard

Oprah hasn't done anything spectacular with her new network OWN, but at least she's doing something right this weekend. On Sunday, January 6 at 9pm, tune in for My Life is a Joke, a new special that follows five local comedians including Kellye Howard, Jessica Joy, Lisa Laureta, Natalie Jose and Patty Vasquez as they struggle to make it in Chicago. Based on the trailer, there's a lot of hooplah over the whole business of whether women are funny or not (they are), but we can promise that OWN gets it right by spotlighting five hilarious local performers during their finest moments.

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