Orgie Theatre Awards go to…Theater Oobleck

Colm O'Reilly and Diana Slickman in There is a Happiness That Morning Is

Colm O'Reilly and Diana Slickman in There is a Happiness That Morning Is Photograph: John W. Sisson Jr.

The anonymous folks who administer the independent-minded honors known as the Orgie Theatre Awards have outed themselves—as big Theater Oobleck fans.

Via email to the press, as has been the practice for most of the awards' life, the mysterious committee said tonight that it's putting all its Orgies in one basket, with awards going to Theater Oobleck for best production and playwright Mickle Maher for "Literary Genius" for Maher's terrific There is a Happiness That Morning Is. The play's three cast members each receive an Orgie as well: Kirk Anderson for "Acting, Agility"; Colm O'Reilly for "Acting, Gusto"; and Diana Slickman for "Acting, Grace."

No other awards will be given, and unlike last year's experiment, no ceremony will be held. The Orgies have always shown their tastes to be idiosyncratic; their communiques always include the disclaimer that "the Orgie Theatre Award committee does not claim to be fair, unbiased, or reasonable." This year, they're also exclusive.

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