"The Roast of Santa Claus" or "The Miscreants Kill An Hour And Go To Cuernavaca" | Chicago Fringe Festival 2011 review

What if the Friars Club decided to hold a roast of Santa Claus instead of the usual B-list celebrity? The League of Miscreants dares to dream—and offend as many people as possible in the process. At last year's Fringe the Miscreants gave foul mouths to the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood for a roast of Piglet; this year, Rudolph is the Roastmaster (and reminiscent of a ghetto Amy Poehler), and the roasters include the Prophet Elijah (who calls Jesus “the original Jewish disappointment”), the Grinch (complete with blingy "G" pins on his green velour jacket, he tells Jesus "Fuck you for Dan Brown’s career!") and an overly bitter Jesus Christ himself. The real scene-stealers are Bing Crosby (who sings a hysterically racist version of "White Christmas") and Ralphie from A Christmas Story, complete with disembodied narrative voice. Despite (or perhaps because of) the extreme vulgarity, we were laughing out loud throughout and all the way home.


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