14 men's tweed jackets

  • $265 at J.Crew

  • $249.99 at LordandTaylor.com

  • $495 at Nordstrom.com

  • $129 at Zara

  • $500 at HarrisTweedScotland.com

  • $500 at HarrisTweedScotland.com

  • $603.40 at us.asos.com

  • $1,095 at Nordstrom.com

  • $239 at Nordstrom.com

  • $699 at Eddie Bauer

  • $295 at Bloomingdales.com

  • $595 at Bloomingdales.com

  • $725 at BillyReid.com

  • $138 at urbanoutfitters.com

$265 at J.Crew

Tweed is back in a big way these days for proto-preppies, heritage-o-philes and even just regular peeps that want to dress for success. The difference is the cut. The boxy, big tweed jackets of the last few decades have little in common with these new cuts, which actually resemble the more fitted jackets of the late ’50s and early ’60s with slightly shorter sleeves and less bulk. For the next couple months, we'll be in a deep freeze here in Chicago, and the tweed will come in handy as a layering element. So don't be afraid of looking professorial, just give in to your need for tweed this season and let these looks inspire you. Also worth a look, your local thrift shop.

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