23 sexy Chicagoans, Our to-do list: Photo gallery

  • Bridget Marie: She splits her time between Berlin and NYC, but Chicago DJ Bridget Marie is always welcome to crash at our pad when she's in town.

  • Ron Huberman (right): �He doesn't play for my team, but that doesn't change the fact that he's handsome as all get-out. And seems to be really fit. And dresses well. Sigh.�

  • Natalie Moore of WBEZ: �She�s brilliant; she enables disenfranchised residents of the South Side to have a voice in the media AND she's a total babe.�

  • Club Owner Matt Eisler (left)

  • Restauranteur Billy Lawless: �His Irish brogue is the icing on an already-delicious mancake. Yeah, I said mancake.�

  • Erin Heatherton: Just a guess, but we tend to think this down-to-earth Victoria's Secret model probably looks good in anything. But its her Midwestern approachability that we really love. No, seriously.

  • Kurt Chiang: "I'd snog Kurt Chiang from the Neo Futurists. In a heartbeat."

  • Kid Sister: "We dare you to resist this South Sider."

  • Alex Giannoulias: �I�m sure a zillion girls have said Alexi Giannoulias (but I�d also like to marry him)�

  • Neko Case: She may not live in Chicago anymore but we won't hold that against her.

  • Matthis at Sprout Home: "The entire staff of Sprout Home is adorable, but my friend especially loves this dude Matthis. A green thumb nature-boy and totally adorable? Perfect."

  • Donnie Madia: "I think it�s his shoes.�

  • Anna Davlantes: Maybe it's her award-winning reporting on government corruption, immigrant experiences in the criminal justice system or youth hazing, but the Good Day Chicago anchor and Lane Tech grad has a way of popping up in our dreams.

  • Disappears: We'd do anything to get a backstage pass to party with Graeme Gibson, Jonathan van Herik, Brian Case and Damon Carruesco. Bonus: They're a mind-blowing band, too.

  • Ernest Wilkins: RedEye's Twitter guy has undeniable charm. Ladies wanna do more than tweet with you, Ernest.

  • Pinque Pony: "I've had the hots for sketch comedians John Loos, left, and Andy Eninger (who perform together as Pinque Pony) ever since seeing them in their skivvies at the Annoyance. I had no idea they were a couple. Break out the knee pads fellas, I'm coming over!"

  • Dani Deahl: Shocker, this pink-haired DJ with an ear to the ground and exhibitionist tendencies has groupies, er fans, out the wazoo.

  • Grant Achatz: "I'd totally hump Grant Achatz, which is bizarre because I don't usually go for ginger."

  • Rahm Emanuel: "I'm missing part of my middle finger on my right hand, but I'm still dead sexy."

Bridget Marie: She splits her time between Berlin and NYC, but Chicago DJ Bridget Marie is always welcome to crash at our pad when she's in town.

Sexual beings that we are, Chicagoans have just as rich a fantasy life as any other big-city dwellers. In keeping with this week's sex package, we're encouraging you unleash your fantasies and sharing some of ours. It's healthy, right? So, which fellow Chicagoans do we picture with us in the moment of ecstasy when we’re visualizing ourselves getting it on? We took some suggestions at Time Out Chicago, and many of the results were surprising. From our collective, we’ve culled a nice cross section of local celebs and characters who turn us on, sometimes even against our better judgment. Sadly, we couldn't include some nameless suggestions—"The tatted-up bartender at Beauty Bar. I’ll take that $10 martini extra filthy, please,” as one staffer offered—but we did include some of the fantasists' own comments in the captions, so keep those in mind. And no offense to the significant others of these fine specimens, we know that most of these objects of our affection are not free agents. But that's what daydreams are for, are they not?

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