606 Update: Ashland bridge moves to Western

Where's that confounded overpass?

A rendering of the updated, wider bridge at Western Ave.

A rendering of the updated, wider bridge at Western Ave. Photograph courtesy of The 606

A few weeks ago, crews removed a bride that ran over Ashland Avenue and carted it away to clean, repair and paint it (not with tags). That overpass will be finding a new home this weekend, replacing a bridge at Western Avenue and Bloomingdale Avenue that was demolished in early March. The bridge will be moved from Ashland to Western by way of North Avenue, beginning at 5am on Saturday, April 19. The bridge's route will be closed to traffic and parking in advance of the move and will reopen after the bridge has passed. The section of Western Avenue between St. Paul Avenue and Moffat Street will remain closed through midnight on Sunday, April 20 as crews work to install the new bridge. If you want to watch a giant bridge rolling through "The Crotch," you'll need to wake up bright and early on Saturday morning.

We've mapped out the route that the bridge will be taking this weekend:

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