Cheap Eats: BBQ Edition

Gather your pennies, round up some hungry friends, and dig into the best 'cue in town.

Photograph by Anna Knott; Food Styling: Lisa Kuehl; Ribs from Honey 1, 2241 N Western


The king of barbecue is probably the most hotly debated porcine product.

Rib tips

The most misunderstood of barbecue classics gets the star treatment at these top spots.

Pulled pork

The sandwich of our dreams can be yours with a little bit of traveling-and a lot of leftovers.


A case for the red-wattled stepchild of barbecue.

Your piece on the side

Every barbecue star needs a sidekick. Here's where to get the best.

Coaltion of the grilling

Any way you slice it-or prep, fire and serve it-barbecue has universal appeal.