Chicago's hottest trainers competition heats up (sorry)

Over the past week, we've been running a poll on our site, asking you to name Chicago's hottest trainer from a list of eight.

Out of 9,666 votes cast, Mo Buti (pronounced "Boo-tee") currently leads the pack with an astonishing 8,012 votes. Her nearest competition, Laura Hooper Doughty, is pulling in 1,047 votes. Nothing against Ms. Buti, but it appears to me that the poll has been rigged by someone (or a few someones) with extra time on their hands. So in an effort to be truly fair, here are the current  number of views each trainer's video is pulling in:

Adrienne Foster: 1,837
Mo Buti: 1710
Laura Hooper Doughty: 1,317
Todd Rhoades: 869
Mondale Hackett: 671
Jorge Del Busto: 668
Liu Gross: 569
Naledi Sesinyi: 150

So for those of you who are fans of these folks, and judging by the comments, you're big fans, start voting and hitting those play buttons. We'll publish the final results of both the poll and the video competition on the TOC blog on Friday 23.

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