City approves plastic bag ban and 8am Sunday liquor sales

Paper or something that's not plastic?

Beginning next fall, you won't be making as many additions to that giant plastic bag stash beneath your sink. This afternoon, the City Council passed a ban on plastic bags by a vote of 36-10, spearhead by Ald. Joe Moreno (1st), who proposed an ordinance to ban plastic bags at chain and franchise stores in Chicago. 

The Tribune reported that the revised ordinance will prohibit plastic bags from being used by chain retailers (defined as stores with three of more locations owned by the same person) and stores with a footprint of more than 10,000 square feet. Restaurants and family-owned stores will be exempted from complying with the ban. The ban will go into effect in August 2015, while smaller chain stores and franchises will be required to comply the following year.

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association proposed a mandatory 5-10 cent fee for each paper bag to encourage shoppers to bring reusable bags, but that addendum was struck down by the aldermen. City Council noted that individual stores are free to impose bag fees as they see fit.

While some grocery stores will likely be grumbling about the switch to paper bags, City Council threw them a bone in the form of extended Sunday liquor sales hours. The council approved a plan to allow liquor sales to begin at 8am on Sundays in stores larger than 10,000 square feet. The extended hours will go into effect in the coming weeks. Now it will be easier than ever to grab a bottle of André for your Sunday-morning mimosas.

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