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Connection to the arts

Nine mayoral candidates have friends or family members in the arts community.


9 candidates have a personal connection to the arts community.

Braun “I come from a family of musicians.”

Caster “I have a very personal connection to the arts community! Look me up on Google!”

Chico “My wife, Sunny, is on the board of the Arts Alliance Illinois, Latino Film Festival and Goodman Theatre.”

Del Valle “My 25-year-old son, Esteban del Valle, of whom I am very proud, is an artist. He has a Master of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. His artistic pursuits are multifaceted, including video, music, sketching and oil painting. …My son got his first exposure to the arts through arts and crafts activities like the ones we provided to neighborhood youth at Association House, when I served there as executive director, and at the Barreto Boys and Girls Club, where I once worked. …He recently exhibited at Art Chicago at the Merchandise Mart. His journeys in the art world have taken him all over the world, including places I’ve never seen. I would like all children to have such opportunities.”

Emanuel “The arts run through my family. I got a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School and was a dancer for a number of years. [My wife] Amy worked at the Art Institute. All of my children play an instrument, and my son has done theater over the past two years.”

Hendon “I’m a writer. I have two books out right now. One is Black Enough/White Enough: The Obama Dilemma. That was my first book, on Third World Press…and Backstabbers, also about politics, on Academy Chicago Publishers. So I write and produce; I’ve written songs. Jennifer [Hudson], Slique and I used to be in [Earl Powell’s] studio before she went to Florida and California and all that, before Slique got his CDs out. Earl is Jennifer’s Chicago producer and a very good friend of mine.”

Meeks “My youngest daughter just released her first song on iTunes.”

Tyrrell “I compose string music.”

Walls “I am a commercial artist. My sister Tiona Lindsey is an accomplished flutist.”

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