Daniel Clowes exhibit opens at MCA

  • Photograph: Abigail Huller, courtesy of Oakland Museum of California

    Daniel Clowes

  • Daniel Clowes, Wilson (cover), 2010.

  • Daniel Clowes, The New Yorker (cover), 2009.

  • Daniel Clowes, The New Yorker (cover), 2010.

  • Daniel Clowes, The Death Ray (cover), 2011.

  • Daniel Clowes, Ghost World (cover), 1997.

  • Daniel Clowes, Ice Haven (cover), 2005.

  • Daniel Clowes, Eightball 18 (cover), 1997.

  • Daniel Clowes, Eightball 17 (cover), 1996.

  • Daniel Clowes, Eightball 8 (cover), 1992.

  • Daniel Clowes, The Christian Astronauts, 2009.

Photograph: Abigail Huller, courtesy of Oakland Museum of California

Daniel Clowes

"Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes" opens tomorrow at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Organized by the Oakland Museum of California, where it was seen last year, the exhibit is the first curated survey of the Chicago-native cartoonist and Oscar-nominated screenwriter's work; it's been expanded since the Oakland show to include more than 130 pieces.

"Modern Cartoonist," which I took in at a media preview this morning, includes dozens of Clowes's original drawings from series and graphic novels like Eightball, Ghost World, Art School Confidential and Wilson on the walls and perusable copies of the finished books posted at desks and reading stations (themselves designed in part by Clowes). The drawings reveal the 52-year-old artist's penchant for revision, with nearly every word bubble, as Clowes himself said this morning, containing a rewrite pasted over earlier text. "I just hope no one can see what's underneath," he said.

The Clowes exhibit is on view at the MCA through October 13. On opening day, Saturday June 29 at 1pm, Clowes will give an artist talk at the museum with curator Susan Miller; tickets are $10. On July 27, the museum hosts Saturday Strip: Comic Day MCA, a full day of readings, presentations and performances highlighting Chicago's independent comics and animation scene.

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