Divorcing a friend

Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime. How to make a clean break if you need to end one.

Relationship rescue

You love your friend, but if he or she doesn’t stop doing that one thing, you’re gonna lose it. Conduct an intervention with these easy steps.


Arrange a meeting and tell your bud there’s something you two need to discuss. “When you’re with them, ask, ‘Can I tell you some things about you that sometimes push my buttons that I’d like for us to work on?’?” Price suggests.


Ask your friend if there’s anything you’re doing that bothers him or her (chances are, there is), and be prepared to hear it.


At the end of the intervention, Price says, it’s important to ask, “Where do we go from here?” Discuss whether you have permission to point out his or her problematic behavior it if happens again. If the answer is yes, always do it in private—not in front of others. Price also suggests you bring up your own bad habits and say, “Will you point it out for me when I do it?” The hope is your friend will ask the same thing of you.

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